Respect for the environment and nature.

Ipek Mekik Carpet, which has been operating since 1972, is committed to make production with its modern and technological machinery park, with wide range of quality and wide product range and to make its customers better quality production day by day, and bil Respect for the Environment ros, ros Respect for the Employees “and ye Respect for the Consumers..

İpek Mekik Carpet; Ipek Mekik Carpet, which is the producer of the most admired models every year among the carpet collections due to the rising production volume chart, is growing day by day with the development of existing markets and new markets in addition to exporting to many countries.

Our aim is; Inde Respect to the Environment and Nature ış never lose its understanding, by employing specialized personnel, expanding the machine park day by day and producing large collections in rich color alternatives, to produce masterpieces worthy of the places of our valuable customers.